Notes on This Space

Here I publish and give away free an essay that started me writing nonfiction, writing about music, and, while I didn’t know it then, writing about founding American history. I wouldn’t publish it here if I didn’t hope it still has some resonance.

My other plans for this space are loose. Having spent much time working as a freelance writer and content strategist in corporate digital communication — CD ROM (remember that?), the Web, online video, social media — I’d like to participate in the many possibilities that online now offers for delivering literature, criticism, history, and other forms that have long, traditional connections to print. I may use this space to publish work of mine that has only briefly seen the light of day or never even made it to print; I may post new work here, by me and by others.

And of course I’d like to be able to charge a low price and deliver my work for remuneration, directly over the Internet to readers, and maybe someday that’s what I’ll try to do.

But meanwhile, in this age of disruption, I publish in the ways that are available to me: commercial publishing, gratis blogging, and now this. Stay tuned.


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